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Resort Chairs offers the largest selection of marine grade furniture.

We offer outdoor furniture in the following materials:

Sling Fabric

Sling chairs offer the highest possible level of comfort, without compromising aesthetic appeal. Sling fabric is the highest quality option for your selection of chairs. We have over 200 unique patterns of sling available, of varying qualities.

Vinyl Strap

Our collection of vinyl strap combines a great value with fantastic aesthetic appeal. Further, strap furniture is certainly not lacking in comfort. Strap chairs can come in standard chair type, or additionally in a vinyl strap chaise lounge. Resort Chairs offers over 50 options for strap color and grade.

Plastic Resin

Plastic resin furniture is a simple, affordable, yet highly functional option. It combines high durability with lightweight chairs, making them easy to relocate or rearrange. Plastic resin is most often in tables and chairs, as well as some chaise lounges. We offer a variety of resin colors to choose from.

Marine Grade Polymer

MGP (Short for marine grade polymer) is another durable material, while still offering great aesthetics. Made of High-Density Polyethylene, MGP often includes tables and chairs. In some cases, sling can be found on a marine grade polymer chair or chaise lounge as the main fabric, and uses MGP as a frame.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a high quality, woven material most often used for chairs, chaise lounges, loveseats and sofas. Additionally, wicker can also be found in glass top side tables and coffee tables. Resort Chairs is proud to offer multiple collections of wicker furniture.

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