Which is better, sling fabric or vinyl strap?

The short answer is; it depends on whether you’re looking for a more budget-oriented or a more visually appealing material. The infographic below will help you to make an informed decision before choosing between sling fabric and vinyl strap. For first time buyers who do not know the difference between the two, trying to choose outdoor furniture without a decent understanding of each material and its use case will surely result in a poor choice. There are significant differences in price, durability and appearance among other factors.

sling or strap infographic

As you can see, both sling fabric and vinyl strap have their pros and cons. Your choice greatly depends on matching your budget or the style of a place of business.

Vinyl Strap would be best used:
  • When tight budgeting is an important factor in your decision.
  • In environments with rougher and more rigorous conditions, such as water-parks.
  • In applications that require large quantities of chairs.
  • For smaller hospitality businesses.

If you’re looking to quickly fill a large area while fitting a budget, we recommend Vinyl Strap.

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Sling Fabric would be best used:
  • When styling is more important than budgeting.
  • In environments with slightly less rough conditions, such as spas.
  • In applications that require the most customization options and choices available.
  • For larger hotels and resorts, as well as other hospitality businesses.

When only the best will do, or if you only need a small quantity of chairs, we recommend Sling Fabric.

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