Beach Umbrellas

  • Fiberbuilt 7.5′ Octagonal Beach Umbrella
  • Frankford 6.5′ Beach Umbrella With Fiberglass Frame
  • Frankford 6.5′ Beach Umbrella With Steel Frame
  • Frankford 6.5′ Shade Star Umbrella

    In addition to beach chairs, choose from the highest quality selection of commercial beach umbrellas. If you’re looking to provide shade to a beachfront outdoor space, this is the best type of umbrella for your business.

    Best customer service available.

    Resort Chairs has been serving the resort community with the lowest prices on the best brands for decades. If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding your order or potential order, we are always happy to address such concerns. We serve all applications with our commercial outdoor umbrellas including golf courses, beachfront resorts and hotels. Anywhere that needs shade for guests without compromising vanity.

    Cantilever Umbrellas

    • Grosfillex Cantilever Umbrella
      Frankford 11′ Diameter Aurora Cantilever Umbrella
    • Frankford 9′ Square Aurora Cantilever Umbrella
    • Frankford Eclipse 10′ Square Cantilever Umbrella
    • Grosfillex Eclipse Cantilever Outdoor Luxury Umbrella
      Frankford Eclipse 13′ Cantilever Umbrella

      Create shade with an adjustable commercial cantilever umbrella. These can be suited not just for resorts and hotels, but also golf courses, above pools, outdoor dining areas, anywhere that you want your guests to enjoy shade.

      Choose from strictly commercial grade items.

      Resort Chairs will not only ensure that you’re getting the best price on your order. However also that you will receive it in a timely fashion. Beyond that, when browsing our site keep in mind we only stock commercial brands such as Frankford, Fiberbuilt, TUUCI, and a few others. This ensures you cannot make a wrong choice as it relates to the quality of your umbrellas. Contact us to find out more about acrylic fabrics and other commercial grade fabrics we offer.

      Market Umbrellas

      • Fiberbuilt 11′ Octagonal Push Open Fiberglass Market Umbrella
      • Fiberbuilt 11′ Octagonal Wooden Market Umbrella
      • Fiberbuilt 7.5′ Octagonal Push Open Fiberglass Market Umbrella
      • Fiberbuilt 9′ Diameter Wooden Market Umbrella

        Commercial market umbrellas could be just what your business needs to maintain style while also providing shade. Available with a variety of features including auto-open cranks and wood poles and ribs, fiberglass ribs and more.

        Widest selection of quality wholesale umbrellas.

        No one can beat our selection of exclusively industrial quality umbrellas at wholesale prices. Resort Chairs is proud to offer virtually endless combinations when it comes to your umbrellas. Beach umbrellas, patio umbrellas, market umbrellas, cantilevers and more can all be found in our extensive catalog of commercial umbrellas.

        Relaxing in the sun without the shade produced by a quality umbrella isn’t really relaxing at all. When your guests are regularly enjoying your space outdoors, it’s important to keep in mind providing shade is just as important as seating. While eating, sleeping or relaxing in some other way at your establishment, the last thing your guests want to be worried about is shade.

        When shade is a concern, bestow the best umbrellas upon your customers, like our selections from Frankford Umbrellas, Fiberbuilt Umbrellas and more commercial brands available here at Resort Chairs. The Resort Chairs name has always meant an easy ordering process, top-notch customer service, unbeatable selection and the lowest prices available on these items. Contact us today to start your order of commercial wholesale umbrellas.