Custom Beach Carts

A great way to transport just about anything to and from the beach

Chaise Lounge Carts

Commercial Beach Chair Carts with Wheeleez wheels are the perfect solution for resorts and beach clubs. Save many hours of labor using our Commercial Beach Chair Cart. Made with Wheeleez wheels to navigate all types of beach conditions. Whether you’re moving beach chairs, lounge chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, or beach towels, these carts will save you valuable time and effort.

Utility Carts

The Commercial Beach Utility Cart offers a great way to transport just about anything to and from the beach. Fully customizable, the cart can be skinned in just about any fabric, giving it a truly unlimited possibility of different colors and/or designs. You could even have Resort Chairs print your company’s logo on the cart.

Paddleboard Carts

This custom cart was designed to carry Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) to and from the beach for lessons. With commercial grade anodized aluminum components, covered in soft foam to prevent damage to the boards, this cart gave the customer a safe and effective way to get the boards from the surf shop to the beach. With a width of only 32 inches, this cart can be pulled in and out of any standard door, and the fully articulating handle was also removable to make storage easier.

Concession Carts

Our Custom Bar Service Cart is the latest piece of innovative design to come out of Resort Chairs. We designed this for a large franchise resort in the Caribbean for daily use, serving drinks to their guests on the beach. Custom fabricated to include 3 separate marine grade coolers for different types of beverages, and a speed rack for cups, napkins, and straws, we made sure to include everything the user would need to efficiently serve the thirsty beachgoer.

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