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Custom Wheeleez Stand-Up Paddleboard Cart w/ Wheeleez

This custom cart was designed to carry Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) to and from the beach for lessons. With commercial grade anodized aluminum components, covered in soft foam to prevent damage to the boards, this cart gave the customer a safe and effective way to get the boards from the surf shop to the beach. With a width of only 32 inches, this cart can be pulled in and out of any standard door, and the fully articulating handle was also removable to make storage easier. The Wheeleez polyurethane tires, featured on all of our custom beach carts, make it possible for one person to transport up to 4 SUPs by themselves, across even the softest sand, with minimal effort. This design can be used as a template to customize a design to work for your resort or surf shop’s needs.

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